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MammonTo the right is an image. It’s one of Marilyn Mansons paintings, entitled The Enabler. I used it as my profile picture for a Facebook account. In doing this, and using Mammon Mneumonic as my moniker (facebook would not allow me to use Darth Draconis), I unknowingly began to personify my intentions in having signed up for a Facebook account and in making a page with it for the Order of the Sith.

Mammon, it seems, is a denizen of the Valley of Shadows and Death. By that, I mean he is a being of my inner world, a part of myself. For more of an understanding of these references to my exploration of my sleeping mind, I s’pose you could stop in at the forum and read some of my latest journal posts (you’ll have to register/sign up if you want to view the journal section). Anyways, there’s a reason behind the image, it’s title, and the name.

I’ll give you a few things to piece together, if you like. Mammon, according to wikipedia, is a term derived from the Bible, refering to greed and most often personified as a diety or demon. The Enabler implies what I am doing working towards, with Facebook as well as a few other projects (some known, some I’ve kept to myself). Make what you will of it.


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