Well… Whatever

If you’ve read my poem on the About page, you might get the feeling that there’s not much intention behind this blog. Really, at this point, there’s not. It’s something I might use to write in every now and then, probably on random whims.

I like writing, but I don’t always want to write essays or lectures. Sometimes just fragments, just notes. And some of them probably aren’t very important. I find myself asking why… but the I have to wonder, “why not?”

Truth be told, I’m not overly fond of blogs… I always seem to be using them for purposes that are more focused, and usually related to the Order of the Sith and the Way of life itself. This itself isn’t “seperate” from Sithly things though, because that’s just what I am.

This particular blog has less of a defined purpose and is – in a way – pointless. Be that as it may, you’re reading a post here. *shrugs*


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