Social Networking

I’m not really to big on this. I’ve been on plenty of sites over the years, most of them pertaining to Force Realism in one form or other, but it hasn’t been about networking, or even about meeting new people or getting more well-known. My intentions still aren’t really about advertising myself, or even about meeting new people.

Now, recently I’ve made a Facebook Page for OotS, a wordpress blog with a similar set up and intent to the page, a few web pages that’ve essentially been playgrounds for me to try new things… And that’s not all. I’ve also joined a few groups on facebook, and took the time to post a few updates on my (very) old myspace profile. Not to mention my new twitter account.

The thing is though, I don’t really give a damn if more people sign up at the Order of the Sith forum, I don’t have any expectations of every one of these facets as being used by any one person but the one maintaining them (me). Increased membership, or activity, at the Order isn’t a goal at all in this. A potential side-effect, sure, and probably a beneficial one if it happens; but it’s not what I’m aiming for with all these networking sites.

No… it’s not about any one site or any single individual. It’s about the value of living a passionate life, one with self-imbued purpose and empowerment, with active, deliberate living. It’s about littering the internet with resources related to my Way of Life, so that it’s out there to find for whoever might be interested, whoever might benefit.

I’ll promote specific things, like my Home site or Khaos’s Blog Talk Radio Show (Dissonance :: The Dark Aspect), because they’re damn good resources for the Sith Way. But they’re carriers, not the thing itself. Ultimately, it’s the way of life itself I want to make easier to find for people that might find the same kind of value in it that I do.



  1. This line connected with me at the core:
    “It’s about the value of living a passionate life, one with self-imbued purpose and empowerment, with active, deliberate living.”


    Absolutely. I want to do slightly different things with my blog, but the main f**ing purpose is to live deliberately, and to remind myself of not only the integrity of living that way, but the fact that there is no other way to live and still call it “living.”

  2. Glad it connected 🙂 . I think that… a dimension of passion is a desire to connect with the world. A man at one of the sites I frequent put it pretty well I think…

    “There is a gap between myself and the universe, and that gap yawns wide. Passion is the desperate yearning to overcome that gap.”
    ~Richard Irvine

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