Knights of Awakening

Knights of Awakening was a radio show started up by two members of the Jedi Order of Ashla Knights (now known as Ashla Knights) while their home site was experiencing a year long period of downtime. It was established by David Edge and Justin Gates, who were the sole hosts at the time. To my mind, it marked an expansion of Jedi Realist influences from message boards into other forms of media. While pointedly disassociated from the Jedi/Sith labels in the beginning, that was the origin of the show (in my opinion)… and it’s since had many guests that walk on path or the other. Not to mention that some of the episodes focused on specifically on Jedi Realism (with a couple giving attention to the darker paths).

Anyhow, while there are definately connections to other things, the K.O.A. has become a thing in itself, in a way. For some time, they had stopped the radio show because it was originally free; blog talk radio decided to start charging people, so – if memory serves – the it was discontinued because of this. There were changes made and around July the show began again. Currently, the Knights of Awakening is still doing its own show… in addition though, it also hosts a number of others. They are as follows:

  • Ashla Knights Blog Talk Radio Show ~ Hosted by Ashla Master Derek Thompson. The description written by the shows host is, “Inspired by fraternal orders such as the Knights Templar, Free Masons, Knights of Columbus, and groups such as the samurai, Shoalin monks, and Tibetan monks, for the mission of Ashla Knights is one of service, support and charity. Based on aspects of science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion, the philosophy of Ashla Knights is intended to complement one’s established philosophical ideology and/or preferred faith. In addition to reacquainting oneself with the cornerstones of ethical conduct and moral behavior, the philosophy, practice, and path of Ashla Knights is meant to inspire intellectual growth, personal betterment, philosophical understanding, spiritual development, and a higher quality of life.”-Derek Thompson. The forum, academy, member blogs, and more can be found here: 
  • Labrynth ~ Hosted by Charles (otherwise known as LightningStrike, I believe). The description written by him is, “The Labyrinth is a weekly radio program on Blog Talk Radio in which we strive to provide you the listener with vital information in the art forms and techniques of spiritual energy work.”-LightningStrike
  • Dissonance: The Dark Aspect ~ Hosted by Khaos, head of the dark aspect at the FA site and half of the adminstration at the Order of the Sith. At one point, he said in reference to how the show might go (and progress…), “Any critique is welcome, ideas, etc. I don’t plan to have a set…. criteria per se. I want it to be organic, and humorous (at least humorous to me), however I could make an attempt to expound on a subject.”-Khaos.

The shows so far have been pretty damn good, and definately worth listening to. The shows are recorded, so you don’t have to listen to them live in order to listen in; you can listen to them online, or download them for free. If I end up talking more about any of these, it’ll probably relate to Dissonance, and in all likelihood it’ll be a lot less of an overview and a lot more of my own thoughts.

The last thing I want to say is that I’ve written the bits on how K.O.A. got started from memory, and my opinions are mixed in there. I wouldn’t usually bother to point something like that out, except that if I’m remembering anything inaccurately it was unintentional, and I’m not speaking for them, I’m speaking about them. I’m not really ‘affiliated’, I just like most of their shows.



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