Scattered… This and That

On the title of this post, when I say ‘scattered’, I just mean I’m probably going to ramble a little bit about various different things; one of which is the format of this blog – I changed it earlier. I kind of like it, but… it might change again in the next few hours (or days).

Seven lectures from the forum, some having been written years ago, others being more recently penned, have been added to the Facebook page for the Order – as ‘Notes‘. I’ve also ended up with roughly sixty friends… lol, roleplayers mostly, I think. One perk of checking out random things every now and then is running into some good music made by little known, self-promoting bands.

My last two twitter updates were a) a line or two from an unfinished poem, “An angel with scabbed wings, a puppet with self-made strings.” and b) quoting myself from an old offline journal, “The people who aren’t looking to empower themselves, don’t deserve to be empowered.” Most of the others are links to a few awesome things I happen to like, and a link to one of my poems. I guess I’m finding things to tweet, here and there. *shrugs* Still not overly fond of it, but it’s just one of those things that I look at and think, “why not.”

Khaos’ upcoming show (currently set to air 9-18-11) is titled “The Limits of Anal Probing”. And fyi, that’s metaphorical… the last episode was titled “The Half Inch Worm”, and the one before that was called “The Reflecting God”. I might write my thoughts on a few of those here, a review of sorts, later on. Or not… we’ll see.


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