Made in God’s Image?

I see God every day.
When I’m shaving or washing my hands.
When I get clothes out of my dresser drawers.
When I pass by a window.
When I look in the mirror.

I see His influence every day.
When I’m mowing lawns.
When I go out to eat.
When I come knocking and a friend answers the door.
When I look people in the eye.

I see his creations every day.
When I look at the crude painting on my bookshelf.
When I read an essay in progress.
When I take stock of a newly trimmed shrub or tree.
When I look at my handiwork.

I see other Gods every day.
When I watch t.v.
When I walk into a store.
When I talk to customers throughout the day.
When I look at other Individuals.

I am an Individual.
I am Divinity.
In body, mind and heart.
So are you.

Am I made in God’s image?
I am what I decide to be.
I’m a puppet with self-made strings.
I’m made in my own visage.
So yes.

“I went to God just to see,
and I was looking at me.”
Marilyn Manson (lyrics)

Ask yourself though.
Figure out where you stand.
What you think.
What you feel.
Find your own answer.
I don’t care what it is.
But you might care.


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