So another year’s gone by. Last year, and quite a few years preceding that, a birthday didn’t have much significance to me. Even though it wasn’t much different this year, I had a damn good time. In most ways, it was just another day; I worked, I helped with the usual family stuff, and the like. But the day before, it occured to me that a birthday doesn’t have to be a tired ritual of listening to people say the same repetative thing throughout the day, accepting cards and the occasional gift, eating cake, and all that monotonous crap. I still didn’t even acknowledge it much as any sort of transition except on a purely mathmetic, intellectual level. But instead of empty ritual, it struck me that I could simply celebrate my Life… not unlike the traditionally cheery remembrance funerals some cultures have.

The 16th day this month wasn’t just a reflective time, and it wasn’t really an emotionally meaningful step towards anything. Instead, it was just immersion into life, into every little thing. A celebration and enjoyment of myself, my day, my being. An odd experience, and not one I feel obligated to try replicating next year… but like I said, in spite and because of difficulties, hold ups, new problems with a few yards, and things of that sort, it’s been a pretty damn good day.

(Written September 16th, 2011)


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