What there is in the way of training at the Order of the Sith relies heavily on the drive of each individual that chooses to use it, to grow through it. Of course, that could be said of any training… I would only point out that courses for work-related skills, for future careers, etc. are often out of sync with the attending individuals heart.

To gain anything here, to grow and evolve, begs that your heart is truly in it.

To forewarn, most of what will be touched on is only viewable if you sign up/register. While the extent of those forums restricted might lessen, they’re currently not viewable to unregistered guests.

The assigments and training offered within The Sith Resource are currently few in number, most of them meant to cater to newcomers. They’re obvious use, particularly with the foundation assignments, is to help people unfamiliar with the Ways of the Sith in giving form to their current views on what a Sith is, what Darkness is, what the role of emotions might be in ones life, and so on. They are meant to act as a sort of starting point, a springboard. There is also self training course adapted from The Group for Organizational Effectiveness by Miles, a Sith Lord and member of the Order, that anyone can elect to do as well.

Other foundational training authored by Khaos, another Sith Lord and member of the Order, may still be added in the near future. Concerning what is available at any given time though, none of it is ‘required’; but the fact that use of these materials isn’t mandatory should not take away from the possible benefits prospective Sith can take from them. Following through and experimenting with the exercises and assignments will, in all likelihood, provide more of a personal awareness. In where you are at in your life right now and what you might want; of where you might want to take things, and how you might get there.

A more exclusive form of training is Apprenticeship. There are a few things pertaining to this that aspiring practitioners would do well to keep in mind… Try not to think of experienced practitioners as Masters; that will probably just irritate people, if it gets any reaction at all. The same can be said for newcomers asking for one-on-one training right off the bat. Get involved in the site, participate, put some of the resources to use on your own. Try not to go around asking everyone if you can be their apprentice.

Ultimately… focus on genuine growth and exploration; the rest will come together as you go. The best of us, formally apprenticed to anyone or not, are self-driven. People that rely on external forces and influences for thier own evolution rarely get anywhere, in these communities or in their own lives.



  1. These are great resources, no doubt about that. I’ve even gone as far as creating a document with the links to all of the resources I’ve found so far and pasted it all into a .doc file after I’ve arranged them from Beginner to Advanced and also included a Misc/What to Read and Listen list at the end to aid my training.

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