Escapist Practices?

M.M. Eat Me, Drink Me era ImagePoetry, like meditation, painting, exercise, occupation, conversation, music, sex, etc. can be used as an escape, it can work towards emptiness. Or… it can be a practice through which I work towards wholeness, exploring physicality, emotion, the subjective mind and its interpretations, and much, much more. It is a matter of awareness and choice.

I am, or at least used to be, capable of writing about feelings or opinions I do not stand by, rather convincingly. I haven’t tried to do that in a long time though, not since I was assigned persuasive essay topics in high school. I probably still do sometimes, but my intent… is to breath life, to put the passion that I feel, into otherwise dead words.

It is because I can feel the Force (passion) that I do things, be they writing poems, doing my job, spending time with people, etc. Otherwise, everything I do would be meaningless, mindless, heartless. “Idle” word painting is just mechanical. Mine, be they crude and clumsy or tactful and eloquent, are organic. They are not escapes, they are the force within me manifest. In other words, manifestations of my will to power, my passion, the Force, my True Will… whatever you’d like to call it.

This is like the question of strengths and weaknesses. There is truly not much, if anything, that is excusively a weakness or a strength in and of itself. Every quality has the potential to be both, just as every practice can be an escape, or an immersion.

Regarding the mundane… it isn’t an illusion to see past, or lowlier that the mystical. The mystical is within the ‘mundane’, as well as beyond it. Some fail to feel and experience that. I am not among them.

(Excerpt from one of my posts in a discussion at the Force Academy forum, regarding whether poetry is something worth the time of a spiritual pathwalker or merely impractical, idle word painting.)



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