Crucify Me

Online discussions, comments on networking sites, conversations with family, friends, and customers, etc…. I don’t participate in these solely to be “right”. It’s not about “winning” in the conventional sense.

I put my beliefs and opinions out there, and there’s always the possibility that someone will come along and crucify them. That’s part of why I do that; I put my views, feelings, thoughts, and so on, out in the open, in essence making myself vulnerable. If there’s something to tear to pieces, I say go for it and don’t bother wasting the time or effort being gentle. I’ll grow through it.

There’s a reason I use the word “crucify”. I like using the imagery from christian mythology of Christ being crucified then resurrected, meshed with my own experience based ideas on personal death and rebirth on a spiritual level; it’s a nice little allegory. I put myself out there, and if you can ‘murder’ these extensions of myself they’ll be ressurected stronger than before, made so through better awareness and understanding about whatever was being talked about or whatever was done.

“I am the Hydra,
Cut the head Off.
Grows back Hard.”
~Marilyn Manson

I don’t mind the foundations of my way of life being challenged, or my beliefs being attacked, or things of the like. In fact, I hope for it.

It’s up to me to reap understanding from experiences and conversations, and goes back to some of what I expressed in the post It’s All You. That people come away better from conflict is something I generally take as a given. And to those that don’t… well, that’s on them. I think each individual has to be mindful of influences, and that any given person is accountable for not doing so and making the best of them. My mentality is kind of like this: when encountering outside influences, exercise your own and decide how those influence will play out within you; if you don’t, you still exercised your own personal power… you just did it poorly.

And… I use the word “you” more than I’d like, but what I’m saying applies to me, first and foremost.


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