Relaxed & Casual…

That’s really the attitude I had – and still have – in mind for this blog. There are no obligations, I’m not meeting any expectations, I just write what I write. I’ve added a few things from the past… because I felt like it. I’ve added a few posts that are pretty much new writings, for the very same reason. If anyone stumbles on this and likes it, well, yipee.

Khaos’s next show will be this upcoming Sunday (Ocotober 2nd, if memory serves). The topic is ‘Dark Side Healing Part I’. He wrote a bit on the subject in his journal at OotS a little while ago, a sort of introduction to it… What I like about it, and what I think might catch people a bit off guard, is that it’s not really approached from a very esoteric angle. He even states as much, pointing out in the intro that what he’s talking about has its basis in his occupation (in the medical field) and his own personal experience. It’s very grounded, in my opinion, but doesn’t really close off the possibility of approaching it from a more mystical stance either. Anyways, it’ll probably make for a good show.


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