Dissonance: Dark Side Healing Part I

Dissonance: Dark Side Healing Part I ~ Hosted by the K.o.A.. This is solely Khaos’s project, his show, all credit goes to him. This show was on Oct. 2nd, 3:00 PM E.S.T. It can be listened to anytime – online, on iTunes, etc. for free – after it’s been recorded (and this episode has been already).

I’ve listened to all of the Dissonance shows so far, and I highly recommend them. This episode may be confined to one episode, or it might be the first of two or three shows that’ll center around Khaos’s idea of ‘Dark Side Healing’. In an introductory post he made on the subject a while back, it was described as being based off of his personal experience as someone who works in the medical field. Having listened to it, I think it’s worth pointing out that his outlook on this is very grounded – down to earth – and doesn’t require folks listening in to have any inclinations towards esotericism or even a dark path; either way, I think it’s worth listening to.



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