Favorite Sith Era?

“I’m just curious on this one.

What is your favorite time period of the Sith?

Ancient Dark Jedi?
Sith Empire?
Sith Triumvirate?
Order of the Sith Lords?
Lumiya’s Sith?
The One Sith?

Why? What strengths or weaknesses does your favorite Sith period possess? (And no Sith “period” jokes. lol)”
~Seti I Shadim

I like all of them, each for varying reasons.

The Ancients are bad ass, in that they’re the most self-made in a way… I say “in a way” because really the ‘individualist’ theme is pretty well consistent even as far forward as the One Sith (see Wyyrlok’s attempted take over, Maladi’s manipulations, Nihl’s ambitions, etc.), but even as all pervasive as individualism and self-forged spirit is throughout the fictional Sith history, the Dark Jedi inadvertently sent to the Sith peoples on Korriban created the baseline for an Order that evolved on the basis of their teachings, retaining core elements established by them in every incarnation.

The Sith Empire is interesting to me because it offers a couple takes on what Sith government (in a Sith society as opposed to just Sith ruled) might look like, and it shows some predictions on how ‘Sithly’ values might affect a society (civil war, conquest, etc.). To me, that’s fascinating. I wish I lived in one that was more similar to the Sith Empire… to me, the true american way seems like it could have acomadated this at one time. Freedom of speech for example, allowing the possibility for individuals and minorities to voice their opinions and potentially persuade/influence others to see it things their way (which doesn’t sem to be how the first amendment is used, at least not these days, it’s become an excuse to talk shit and vent mostly). And, when we were still mostly behind capitalism as a nation… that economic system, to me, supports individualism, personal desire and ambition, conflict, and active forging of one’s own life.

The Triumvirate is a fragile alliance built on hate, resentment, and nihilism, all of which have been things I’ve felt before and will probably feel again. I identify with each of the three on some level. Darth Traya and her scheming, arguably surpassing Sidious’s but directed towards a different goal (the Exile’s development and growth & the death of the Force as opposed to domination of the galaxy). Sion’s hatred, strong enough to help him get through anything that would get in the way of what he aims for (which is admirable and seen in real life, and not exclusively with hatred). Nihilism in Darth Nihilus, nothing but hunger and, though he might not be written as feeling this way, I feel a sense of despair, hopelessness, and pointlessness to life sometimes; and just becuase I value life doesn’t mean I want to be in denial about feeling the occasional minute of decay.

The Order of the Sith Lords was centered around trying to maximize the benefit of the inherent individualism found in the Sith Ways, which is a nice idea, and as Khaos has noted, the restructure from the Rule of the Strong into the Rule of Two was a cool, appealing fictional example of changing things and working towards an ambition, overcoming and transforming so it can be achieved (which, in all fairness, they did manage for a while). The screw up with that system, at least as far as the Mythos go, wasn’t so much failing to account for someone turning back to the Light; rather, it was the Emperor’s idiocy in looking for an eternal servant instead of someone who could and would surpass him (I bet if Vader hadn’t been crippled he would’ve been killed before being strong enough to kill his master, assuming he could’ve ever grown up emotionally).

I like Vergere, what that character’s role was and what was said of pain through her. And of Being rather than endless thinking, talking, and dithering. This was something instilled in Jacen that seemed to play a siginifcant part in his later dislike of Jedi. I loved Lumiya’s use of morality to convince Jacen Solo too, which to me made the point that selflessness (the reason for Jacen’s ‘fall’ according to Luke) was ultimately selfishness in disguise, and isn’t necessarily any better… worse in fact, since most “selfless” people actively speak out against acting in self-interest. Her emphasis on embracing and passing through emotion was awesome to, in my opinion. And Caedus’s engagement not only in anger but in love… that was a nice touch to the stories.

The One Sith under Krayt is interesting to me. Not exactly worth denouncing, much as I dislike cult mentality, but it was an incarnation that without a doubt still held true to the Way of the Sith. The strongest is the one who holds the title, the next strongest operate directly beneath his authority, the next strongest below them, and so on and so forth. It forms a chain of command based on strength and merit as determining factors of who sits at the top. Indoctrination is key to maintaining this order though, commitment to refrain from uniting many of lesser strength to take down one of more power. The series is still going… so we’ll see just how long it takes before this happens.

Scripted to lose?… Well, they’re also scripted to return, again, and again, and again. Death and rebirth. That in itself is something I identify with on a personal, practical, and mystical level.

(Written and Posted Here February 19th, 2011)


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