It’s All About Me!

I mentioned self-absorbtion in my last post, and touched on the fact that there’s a difference between being self-absorbed and self-centered. It’s a lot like the differentiation between thinking and overthinking. It’s paying to much attention to myself, to the exclusion of all else. The whole idea of getting to enamored in some stage of development or a step along the path actually seems to play a role in a lot of so-called “traps” on any given spiritual path. That has been my experience and matches up with what I’ve observed in other people.

When it comes to paying attention, to focusing on things, and expanding awareness, there are connections, things that come up and relate to whatever it is you may be experiencing or exploring at a specific point in time. They can be ignored, or they can be given a little bit of attention and consideration.

When it comes to self-discovery, focusing on the self is all well and fine; it’s what I do and encourage others to do. The pitfall isn’t the thing itself… rather, it’s the individuals misunderstanding.

It’s kind of like how I approach emotions, in that the emotions are never wrong… if I feel misled it has always turned out to be a result of my failure to understand what my emotions were trying to tell me. Or another angle to look at it from: there are any number of activities, techniques, and methods of progression I wrote about that are often labeled as escapist practices. The problem is not so much that meditation, poetry, reading, or conversation are inherently flawed; rather, it’s that the individual doing these things becomes absorbed in them and uses them as escapes.

They can be used that way, sure. But my argument then and now is that experience tells me they can also be used for personal growth, wholeness, understanding, and immersion into truly, genuinely Living Life. Anyways, the gist of what I’m trying to get across can be summed up pretty well with something Khaos said, I think; in a discussion at my home site a while back…

“Respect the Individual, not just yourself.” ~Khaos


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