Lest I Forget

Or not. Gotta be careful, writing here. I might get to focused. One of the reasons I started this blog was to do as I please, to have a playground, one in which the audience was of little – if any – concern. That’s kind of what this post is going to center around.

The role validation plays is a funny one, really… almost a paradox. I don’t believe I need other people to validate my beliefs, my writings, my thoughts, my values, or emotions. Not on the internal level; I don’t mind it, that’s for damn sure – it’s nice to have someone pick up on something you created, saying “hey, that really resonates, that feels right, well done” every now and then, but not something that’s a necessity to my stability as a developing, evolving individual.

If you want to start contaminating the world – with your thoughts, feelings, and, ultimately, your being – then it begins to play a role a bit more noticeably on a more external playing field. But even when (or if) you get to this point in your life, I feel the validation needs to begin within. Without a firm foundation, it’s hollow, meaningless, heartless.

I don’t need validation to live as a Sith. But to open it up as an avenue of personal exploration for other people, it does beg some acceptance from others. *shrugs* That it becomes a more acceptable thing doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, honestly. I am what I am. I just want it out there, for people who might be interested, should they come across it. I believe I’ve seen people go from being pretty damn lost to becoming what I’d describe as deified… a process of apotheosis; and I have my own continuing experiences of this, firsthand, if nothing else. That it’s out there to be found by whoever looks means that another man or woman has a viable way of life to explore, to become the Lord of their own life.

In touch with passion, strong enough to pursue it, mindful enough to exert personal power to nurture it, able to build momentum from these things to follow through and achieve/actualize ambitions and dreams. You don’t have to call yourself Sith to become a wholesome, integral, successful individual.

All that being said… this blog is an avenue for me to litter the internet with a little more “teachings” of Sith Realism. But… I’ve got to be careful, lest that become the focus here; my intention for this is to be a “Whatever Blog” if you will. That includes things like this post (and the last one), but is not restricted to that subject matter.


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