A Little Effort

I was listening to the first Dissonance show the other day. I know, I know… Dissonance again. What can I say, I dig the show. This time the show isn’t specifically what I want to talk about though. No, at the moment I’d like to share a bit of what was running through my mind as I listened to it – which will inevitably relate here and there to some of what was said during the episode.

I don’t know that I fully understand the idea of dissonance in the same way Khaos does, but for all intents and purposes in this post here, let’s say I do. I think this is what was at play in my discussion with Salome (now mostly inactive at the forums I tend to visit) about peace, and about how I think it’s b.s., I reject it. For those interested, it’s here; it’s not viewable to guests. Or, you can view the lecture that started the discussion in the FA Wiki without having to log in or register. The key thing to note in our conversation, I think, is that I didn’t and am not obligated to accept someone elses opinion just because that’s what someone else believes. I respect people that have the backbone it takes to express your beliefs, views, and feelings, but I don’t have to respect or agree with you “just because”. That’s along the lines of what Khaos said at one point in the show, and I totally agree.

The question popped into my head: what do I have to live for?  What little came to me in the way of an answer at first… well, it brought my mood down a few notches. But here’s the thing, if I look at things a certain way, life can seem empty, pointless even, and I know that, I know full well it’s a matter of awareness, a matter of going through the effort to see what’s right in front of me, right under my nose.

So I made myself look a little harder, and in just a few seconds I started to remember other things I live for. Here’s one of the obvious, easy answers that sprung to mind immediately after I decided to put just a little effort in giving genuine attention to the question… My Way of Life, and – further – its potential as an enabler for other individuals, a way of empowerment, a path that asks that if you want something – to be a better person, to get promoted, to have more meaningful relationships, etc. – you get off your lazy ass and take it.  Another thing I live for is relationships, the ones I cherish and grow through. There are others I wrote down earlier, but I think this conveys the gist of it.

A point worth noting: I wanted to have an answer to the damn question, to feel out what mattered to me and (re)expand my awareness, even if it took all day. It took about half a second. Just think, if I could do this in a matter of seconds, what can I do with a day, a month, a year? What can you do, if you give a little attention to the things that stoke your passion? Be it self-awareness, a sense of empowerment, or something more tangible.

I’ve had a taste of what I can attain in my life, and not just of thoughts…. and it seems that no matter how small or big the desire – whether it’s answering a simple question on your mind, or run a business – the only thing that ever truly holds me back is me. If you’re anything like me, maybe you will get a taste of your own potential… and maybe you’ll want more.


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