Diamonds & Dust

People pressure other people. It’s in our nature to exert ourselves to cause things to conform to the way we want them to be, or the way we think we want them to be.

I used to resent being pressured, and retaliated in kind, in effect rebeling against the wills of other people. That’s me looking outwards and being almost entirely reactive. My emotions weren’t at fault either, there was nor is nothing wrong with resenting or getting pissed about it, or feeling uneasy or uncomfortable.

There’s a difference though, between the ‘world of victim’ and the world I now live in. Rebellion is based in looking outwards and responding. Genuine independence is acting from within, following my heart, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with passing through the experience of being a rebel to – eventually – become a god.

Getting back to the subject of pressure though, I apply it just as much as the next person. The line I would draw, however, is that I try to do it mindfully, with an awareness of my sincere inner desires and an idea of the affects my application of pressure, my personal power, will cause.

I think that because I know I do this, and that others do it, I don’t consider it ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. I approach it differently, and even though I might get offended, defensive, or might not “like it”, I have more of an appreciation for the oppurtunity every pressure can have for me.

I’ve said – in plenty of ways and numerous times – that I welcome it when people try to Crucify me. In that, I often use the metaphor of rebirth. Here I’m talking about pressures from within and without. I want to emphasize that you can take the influence of others and guide it towards turning weak shit to dust, and refining the strong values,  forming them into diamonds – and that diamonds can be turned to dust to, if the integrity is less than it appeared to be when it was under less pressure.


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