What to Write?

I enjoy writing, I crave it. But I often find myself wondering… what to write about? When I’m stuck on that question… I just fucking write, I let it flow. Kind of like right now, I’m just letting words form before my eyes, freewriting. One of the unfortunate side effects of this is that issues like not being sure of what to write, they recur, again and again and again. I s’pose the upside is that every time I do this, there’s an oppurtunity to look at it from another angle. And hell, writing something is better than nothing.

Look at this post, it’s short. Was it even worth writing? Maybe, maybe not. But I felt like writing, so I wrote. There’s a lesson in that I think. There’s not always a ‘reason’, persay, to justify why I want to do something beyond the desire to do it. Not at first glance or on a superficial, surface level anyways. Was this worth posting – or, for that matter, reading? I couldn’t say, for other people; for me though, yes this is worth writing. Passion seizes the initiative here, and reason supports it. Other times, reason is ‘on top’ in the relationship, and passion supports it.

“When passion marries reason…” ~Unknown



  1. The marriage of passion and reason feels like a real jewel. I sort of want to personify the two and write about it ;p Which just goes to show that even a short post like this can inspire.

  2. Glad you’re taking something from it. The marriage of passion and reason was a header at the top of one of Seti’s old blogs, if I remember right…. the idea of marriage between the two has stuck with me since the first time I read it.

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