Shackles Aren’t Always Iron

Steel isn’t the only thing you can forge chains with. There’ve been mentions here and there, in the online communities and the mythos. Star Wars is the source I’d like to draw on at the moment…

“Zannah understood that chains were not always made of iron and durasteel; they could sometimes be woven of expensive shimmersilk.”
~Darth Bane, Dynasty of Evil

Ashton and Luciana are two names that immediately come to mind as individuals that’ve mentioned this in the past.

This is actually something that runs through my mind quite a bit, and it bothers me a lot. I didn’t have the worst childhood in the world, but it ain’t no fairy tale either. Things were harder in more obvious ways, each day was hard… and here I am a few years down the road, living a fairly comfortable life. I worry a lot about ‘getting soft’, as they say.

Right now, I’m weaker than I used to be. It’s not because of the soft, comfortable, seductive chains in and of themselves though; it’s because I’ve allowed them – shackles of my own making – to hold me back. Some are worth keeping, while others are better off broken.

To give a clearer picture of what the chains of shimmersilk are really like, I feel it’s important to explain how they’re made. In a word: Victory. I get strong, I put myself into what I do and into the pursuit of what I Want, and I achieve. I climb, I learn, I progress, and I create. What I create… It all becomes a world of boundage and encumberment, if I kid myself into complacency.

How to break these sweet restraints or use them to go further? I remember my inner flame – if I don’t… it’ll remind me it’s still there. My desire will only wait so long for attention before it makes itself known.

The circular part of this is that in breaking these chains, I forge more, and the new ones are almost always a challenge when compared to their predecessors. I have to grow stronger in new and different ways. And in choosing to keep some of them deliberately, consciously, I grow stronger in bearing the weight that comes from the chains I want.



  1. I think another way of looking at is that you get trapped in your “comfort zone”. You have the past victories and battles to point to in case anyone challenges you, but you get content where you are and stop challenging yourself. I know I have this problem when I have worked hard; the opportunity to rest is appealing, and I am reluctant to go back to hard work.

    I think for those that are Sith though, discontent is an inherent part of being. Like you, I eventually get to a place where I say, “What the hell am I doing?? Nothing?? Why???”, or the “comfort zone” gets so distasteful that I am eventually moved to alter it. Just because a chain is “comfortable”, doesn’t always mean it’s a good place to be trapped in… plenty of people stay in miserable places, bound by comfortable chains, just because it’s what they know…

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