The World of Victim

I first saw this state of mind, in which a person looks at the world with a “me against them” mentality, described as the World of Victim by Ashton. Ashton, in case anyone’s interested, is probably one of the most interesting, blatant, brilliantly abrasive people I’ve come across, offline or online. Anyways…

This is a world I admit to have lived in, and it seems like a lot of people showing up on Sith forums (newbies) are angsty, whiny, rude, or out for revenge on something or other. They are Victims of their own making. It might just be that I’m (mostly) familiar with peculiar spiritual paths that draw people like this, or it maybe it’s a common trend for other paths to. I honestly don’t know.

Anyways, this is often a starting point. A lot of people leave the site I frequent most when they realize none of us are going to feed their denial of the fact that whatever state of being they’re in is on them. Some of ’em move on, looking for someone that’ll nod their heads and pat their backs, so to speak. A few though… a few blossom – at the Order or elsewhere – into empowered, self-aware, evolved individuals.



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