Full-Time Villian, Part-Time Writer

No, I’m not the villian/writer and no, I didn’t come up with that. The title of this post refers to Missy Biozarre, self-proclaimed full-time villian, part-time writer. I came across her wordpress blog a few days ago and, ealier today, was surprised to see that Rotting in Place had caught her interest (Here). Why was I surprised? Well, honestly I’m not expecting to have much of an audience, or to appeal to that many people.

Anyhow, as a nod in thanks I’d like to offer up the first post I read when I came across her site…

Woe is the Ugly Website ~ I’m not going to go very much into what she wrote (that’d be telling), but I’ll say this much: I too kind of scratch my head when people spend money for web addresses and sites and they end up looking like crap, especially with the flexibility many of the free ones give. WordPress is a pretty good example in this respect… the layout’s fairly simple, user friendly, and free.

And hell, if you want to talk about forums…. sure, there’s been a few kinks from one host to another, but the Order has been set up with free forum webhosts throughout the entire time it’s been around (since ’06, if memory serves), and guess what. It’s still around.

Of course, what it comes down to I suppose is that if you really don’t want to use free resources and you’ve determined you’re going to pay for something like a website, then (imo) at least garner the know-how to make it look decent. Get your moneys worth.


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