Quite a few interesting things happening today: at least one movie, if not more, was released; The Kushner|Coby|Silva art event took place; it was Veteran’s Day; my Dad went back on tour for the first time in months (sideshow performances); my grandmothers birthday was today; and I took a little bit of an interest in what the significance might be of the number Eleven. The hype about it fed my curiosity to, especially the domain name of Kushner’s Art Event RSVP web page http://www.thestarsaremaligned.com/ “The Stars are Maligned”.

I’m hardly an expert on numerology, or on the numerological significance of any given numbers; but there are these nifty things I know about. One of them is a search engine; another is research.

One recurrence is that 11 is refered to as a ‘master number’… What that means exactly, I’m not totally certain of at the moment, except that it’s probably because it’s a double digit of the same number – 1 & 1 – which supposedly doubles the strength or intensity of attributes associated with the number One. Another tidbit I’ve gathered so far though is that in having this designation, it shouldn’t be reduced to a single digit when it’s present in dates (or names, I think).

Now, as far as the meanings and attributes associated with 1 it really depends on the source. To sum up what 1 generally represents as far as what I’m most familiar with: Being, Ego, Leadership, Personal Resources, and Personal Identity. I’ve also seen purity, the aspirations of mankind, aloneness, originality, positivity, drive, ambition, and achievment. Some of the latter ones fit in with the ones I’ve already mentioned, and some of the former ones simply don’t concern me.

Ignoring the sources that’ve said not to reduce it to a single digit, with 1+1=2, in which the idea of duality is brought into it – two often seems associated with duality – although I prefer to think of it as polarity. Other things include Feelings, Caring, Imbalance, and the Conscious mind.

So what the hell does all of this amount to? I don’t know, I don’t really get what exactly people want to associate with today’s date, except to say that it’s siginificant in terms of the individual, and in terms of polarities (perhaps within the individual), due to the symbolic value of 11 being aligned in most possible ways today.

And of course, that’s just the connections I’m drawing based on my own understanding with what, for me, is a pretty new and unfamiliar area of interest; but I’m sure that given the variety of meanings you could go by, for one, two, or both, there are plenty of other things it could mean. That, I think, might be a part of the value of numerology, there’s room for disagreement, for personal significance to be injected into the equation. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be much different from regular old math. It’s context-based, personal, otherwise it’s lifeless. The process of finding meaning in numbers (and tarot cards, holidays, dreams, symbols, birthdays, planetary signs, etc.) is organic.


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