I happened upon a comment someone made on Facebook a few days ago. I’m assuming it referenced the Occupy Wall Street protests, because the first part was something I totally agree with…

“Let’s occupy ourselves first!”

I kind of liked that… but then it took a massive dive from there. Something about – and I’m paraphrasing – “if we change ourselves within, there is no poverty, war, or misery; that the things we’ve had inside of us for so long – anger, greed, hatred, jealousy – would be gone.” In that comment, this was called freedom.

This is such a fucked view I don’t even know how to express how… well, how positively astonished I still am that people actually think this way.

What this person is talking about is anti-life, anti-human. It’s freedom from something alright, but let me clue you in on what you’d be free of: a part of yourself, a part of yourself, a part of yourself, and… oh yeah, a part of yourself. All of which I believe are valuable. To debase and want to be rid of emotions like anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, or any other demonized emotion… that stinks of pseudo morality.

As far as changing from within; to me, that’s the source of change on the outside, that’s where it springs from. But to end war, poverty, or misery would amount to ending life. A quotation I’ve come across before of Bob Marley is something along the lines of… that everybody’s going to hurt you, so you’ve got to find the people worth suffering for.

And that’s not to say people, or things, situations, jobs, etc. will always revolve completely around suffering, just that it’s not something I believe should be avoided or denied. If memory serves, I think Khaos has expressed a similar sentiment to, in that no matter what path you choose to walk, what job you choose to do, there’s always a price to pay.

Personally, I don’t really have a shadow of a doubt that there’s sacrifices I make; you make a choice, you pick a direction, you start walking, and you pay the price of the chosen path. Sometimes the price is to high, and people change their course, looking for one where they’ll “get their moneys worth”.

End of rambling; inspired by a facebook news feed update I happened to remember.


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