Biblical Musings

What follows is me playing with biblical terms and imagery.

To step into Darkness, is an apocalyptic path. There is exploration, revelation, awareness, there is destruction, and so on. The End Times I’m talking about aren’t worldwide though; verily, they do not extend beyond the individual.

The apocalypse I’m refering to is about the end of the world of victim, and the revelation that I am the messiah of my own life, the one who’s in charge.

There is no Jesus Christ in the present. That man died thousands of years ago, and I doubt he’s coming back. But each individual is his own messiah. If you want to rise, look to yourself. I’m not Jesus either, and I don’t consider myself to be an Imitation Christ; my name is Draconis. Christ is just a metaphor, an allegory. Taken literally, you’re looking at a world outside of yourself. Instead, I’d suggest a look at the story of J.C.’s life, death, and ressurection as being allegorical, and symbolic of an internal process.

I don’t know or care if it’s historically factual. Regardless of how accurate biblical accounts are, their value lies in how they can be taken and applied on an individual level. Not as a model of conduct with others, but as insights of internal, transformative process. Those lead to how an Individual treats the people around him or her, but the focus is less on other people and more in the Self (where it belongs, imo).


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