Solus Sum in Dark Side Healing

You know, it’s funny how a shift in language can change the resonance of a thing. Change, elevation, progression, evolution, transformation, alchemy… all of these are words I like. “Healing” though, that’s always had these ‘light’ connotations for me, and that just doesn’t feel right. It’s partially because of this that I’ve never really wanted to explore it much. “Dark Side Healing” sounds so much better to me.

A line between this and ‘regular’ healing – if there is such a line – is probably that in this the focus is on the Individual, on interactions between individuals based on that focus, and – when healing other people – guidance towards helping themselves. As far as that goes though… I’d have to direct you to someone who puts it into practice on a daily basis, and who’s inspired this entire line of (thought): Khaos.

“Healing, is something I feel no one can do but the individual who is sick. Doctors, Nurses, etc., diagnose, stabilize, cut, sew, and prescribe, but they do not heal. However, one versed in the right skills can promote an individual to heal themselves.”
~Khaos, in an early, written Introduction to the idea and practice of Dark Side Healing

His own personal work is what I’m using as a starting point – or, perhaps more accurately, a sort of framework – for my own understanding (Dark Side Healing: Part 1 | Dark Side Healing: Part 2). What I’m interested in at this point isn’t so much how to do this in relation to other people; no, what I want to experiment with (further) is how Dark Side Healing applies to myself.

The little epiphany that inspired Rotting in Place is kind of where the momentum for this began, in that I was reminded of “apathy and melancholy as sicknesses of the spirit”. I want to know how to heal that, in the sense of transformation, maybe strengthening in a way that’s new and unfamiliar to me. To that end, not only does Dark Side Healing have a nice ring to it, it also seems totally viable as an approach to self-healing… regenerative practices, so to speak.

All that having been said, my interests in alchemy, magick, numerology, and mysticism in general have a lot of overlap – in so far as I can tell. So – note to self – it might be worth the time and effort to understand or maybe even incorporate the interconnectedness and overlap among them.

If and when I write more about my experimentation and practice (i.e. explorations) of this – or, for that matter, just general thoughts on it – my intentions (such as they are) should be fairly clear here; and… the origin, material, and inspiration have hopefully been given their dues. Not that they won’t come up again, but the focus will be shifted away from these elements and will center more around myself, my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences in how the practice of Dark Side Healing might apply to the spirit (if and when I write more about it here).



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