Tianwen’s Research Questions

These questions, quite honestly, don’t apply to me. They seem like a good bit of fun though.

  • What is Jediism in your opinion ?

A paradigm and (in its best form) a Way of Life. The Way itself, the teachings, the practices, the intent… they’re nihilistic and dishonest. Jediism, in its purest and (most) honest form, is an elevation of certain human qualities, and a misdirection or downplaying of other ones.

This question pertains to my understanding of the Jedi Way in general, the core elements and foundations (some of which I understand to be: altruism, the benefit of as many people as possible, service, placing intellect above emotions, etc.). There are individuals that call themselves Jedi that are exceptions.

The people I like and respect as spiritual practitioners – that I consider Jedi – get this from me because they’ve stayed true to the purity of the Jedi Way. Opie is the epitome, I think. I like and respect that he is so truly Jedi, but I can’t stand the ideology or its practice on many levels.

People I like as people have, in my opinion, only been people I like because whether tiny or huge, there’s been some basterdization or dilution of the Jedi Way. It isn’t meant to be personalized, not really. They’ve changed the teachings to make them more human, to allow for more human practitioners. Among them… I’d have to say Alethea, and a very select few others.

The Jedi Code, in any sense you want to take it, is meant for a transformation into mechanical animals. There is no emotion, only peace. Whether you interpret that as ignoring or suppressing emotions to reach peace, or as making sure emotions don’t interfere with judgement and intellect, it still places the intellect as more important than the heart. And there’s almost always this attitude of regulating emotions. And to work for peace itself, which I’ve come to understand as a sense of security, safety (yes Pelar, I’ve re-evaluated my understanding a little bit since that discussion at the Order) resulting from a (supposed) lack of conflict; that’s nihilistic, that’s not of the living.

Jedi that don’t do that… I don’t know that I personally look at them as Jedi anymore. Which is fine, I doubt that’s a problem for whoever that might apply to because they can still call themselves Jedi. But to me, they aren’t.

If you mean Jediism in the religious sense, with Jedi Churches and things like that… they’re not what I consider Jedi. They have a tendency to highjack other spiritual teachings (Joseph Campbell anyone?) and make a)stupid attempts to disassociate from the Star Wars Mythos, like highjacking material that varies from minor to major influences that shaped the idea of Jedi (i.e. samarui, knights templar, the hero’s journey, etc.) or b)stupid attempts to use Star Wars based practices as an excuse to stir shit up, like wearing a hood in a store or employment place that has a policy against it, and then whining that they’re infringing on their religious rights.

  • Do you consider yourself a Jedi?


  • Do you meet other Jedi offline ?

I haven’t met any Force Realist, Jedi or otherwise, offline.

  • If you attend to gatherings, what do you do there?

I don’t.

  • Do you perform individual rituals online or offline?

Yes, some relating to magick in the chaotic sense of the word, in the Sith sense since I am the one doing them. More specifically, I’ve been wanting to do more ritual that uses symbols from my sleeping mind. I also meditate. I’m erratic, spontaneous, sometimes lazy, and I don’t always do the same ‘rituals’.

  • Do you perform collective rituals online or offline?

Never have. I doubt I will.

(Written November 15th, 2011)


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