Numerolgy & The Darth Title

I don’t know how close to legitimate numerology this will be, but I’m basing the significance of the numbers off of the only book I currently have on the subject, and what the author suggests each number to be associated with. For anyone ‘in the know’ that would like to tell me the author is full of shit, or alternatively, that it’s a viable source to draw on, the book title is Numerology, written – according to the cover – by Norman Shine. Just be forewarned, I have no problems using this guys system in as much as I possibly can, regardless. Systems usually seem to be a matter of preference anyways when it comes to variations in tarot, runes, numerology, astrology, and so on.

There aren’t really any dominant numbers in the Darth title; present in it are 1(personal resources), 2(personal feelings), 4(logic and instincts), 8(transformation), and 9(spiritual creativity).

I think the acknowledged role of personal resources is kind of self-evident in any number of sources if you do some research into the teachings of the Sith, both from the Lore and from actual Practitioners. To make it clearer though, I take “personal resources” to mean my own inner resources: my inner flame, my heart; my intellect; my willingness to go forward, to sacrifice and to acheive, my strength; the skills I have (and those I will have); my talents and natural inclinations; and so on. Really, it’s pretty broad.

Personal feelings are, at least from one angle, an extension – or among – my personal resources. Emotively, the feelings have form, even a sort of intent towards realizing my desires, my ambitions. And on a more intuitive level, learning to trust myself, my abilities, and my judgement… I’m comfortable associating these with what it means to use the Darth title.

Again something I can see as being a personal resource, the presence of logic and instincts (the latter tieing in rather smoothly with confidence in my intuitive feelings). Logic goes back to my inclusion of intellect – or, the mind.

The relation of transformation to use of the title is usually pretty apparent – especially for me, but even with new folks just becoming acquainted with this Way of Life, people that might not have any experience, and people that – even if solitary, accomplished practitioners – don’t have any recognition from other Sith.

Some kid posting an introuction for the first time under the username “Darth Scarre” – assuming he’s an ambitous or genuinely interested student – is using that name to mark a transformation, or at least a desired one. In this, it’s used as a very clear symbol of change. I personally liken it to rebirth, in a spiritual sense.

As far as spiritual creativity is concerned, to me, it damn well better be present (in some form) if an individual wants to lay a claim to the title and make it count for anything. There’s a certain mentality of discovery, of pioneering and experimentation to my Way of Life that I think ought to be embraced as a Sith.

Whether spiritual creativity drives that exploration, or is a result of it… associating it with the Darth title means that in using it and being validated by others in the choice to do so, it implies that the pioneering spirit is embraced and thrived on, that it’s something a practitioner is experienced with.

Beyond numerological musings, it ties in inextricably with Star Wars, with the Lore of my Way. That’s something a lot of Sith have had a problem with over the years, and it’s (ironically) set me apart from people I’ve collaborated with in the past and – though the seperation might be to a lesser degree – perhaps in the present. Atlas, Seti, Salome, and more than a few others have sought distance from the inspiration, seeing it as extra baggage to discard. I, on the other hand, prefer to find ways to make what they call a hindrance into a viable route of self elevation and evolution.

All in all, a lot of meaning can be put into using Darth as a prefix to my true name and a lot of it is worth associating with the word openly. It’s a way of implying something about myself to I guess. So that’s my bit of musings on the relationship of Numerology to the Darth title for the time being…


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