The New Kids

New people have a tendency to sign up and never say a word, or post introductions only to never check back in again. Occasionally they do come back… though it’s kind of a delayed response. I wonder sometimes, what does it take to get some of the New Kids to play? Especially the ones that claim a personal alignment to Darkness – I mean hell, you’d think they would show some initiative.

If the desire to get involved is strong enough, then they get involved; I guess the Want just isn’t strong enough most of the time. Or they don’t pay it enough attention. Which is weak either way.

You know, I understand (I think), but I don’t like it. And I don’t feel like it’s acceptable. I have an ‘irritated dislike’ of people that don’t seek something more, that seem to have no hunger; but I also know on some level that it doesn’t matter. You know? I want people to Want, and feel disdain – and even contempt – for people that seem perfectly content to rot in place indefinately; in this way, it matters. 

But on another level, it’s me looking at other people, me looking outwards. Maybe I’m just seeing something about myself in other people though. Just like tarot cards and their symbols… they have meaning, but it’s personal.

Any card you draw can have relevance, ’cause all of the cards have symbols possessing personal meaning; drawing a single card brings up something to focus on. It’s a way of focusing, a way of saying to yourself “hey, look at this”. Just find the connections between a given symbols personal meaning and the reason for using the tarot cards at that moment, and it’ll give you something to focus on, look at, and work with.

Going along with that line of thought, I don’t really like myself in this respect (lacking initiative, spiritually immobile). I don’t like not wanting to do something, I don’t even like resting. *shrugs* Not all that enlightening, I kind of already knew that. Getting back to what I started talking about though…

People that show up, say hi, and proceed to a state of inactivity don’t have a leg to stand on either, no time spent, no effort put in, no nothing for me to give a fuck about… given those shortcomings it’s odd to me that they bother posting introductions. It only takes me a few seconds to look over an intro post, but still… with most of them, it’s hardly worth the time.

Something for the New Kids – ages 10 to 60? – that come across this to think about if they expect to be taken seriously in a forum as a student (or practitioner) of a Dark path: say hi, chime in, throw your two cents into a few discussions, find a topic or a thread – or something – that offends you or stirs you and post a response, etc. Or you could just do the customery 0-3 post average for newbies I guess… you know, whatever. If you really don’t care though, why bother? I’d suggest doing the former (i.e. something) or finding something you do care about, but hey, that’s just me.



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