Aimless Thoughts

I’ve been wondering what to write about, working, listening to Labyrinth shows while I wait for the next episode of Dissonance, kind of re-evaluating where I’m at right now, reading some of my most recently purchased books, and a bunch of other shit. On the first one, wondering what to write, I never came up with anything solid or specific that I felt like focusing on, so I’m just rollin’ with the keystrokes right now.

Labyrinth – that word is a pain in the ass for me for some reason, btw, I almost always type “labrynth” then I catch myself and correct it – is a pretty worthwhile show to listen to. It helps that I’ve already got a pretty good grasp and personal trials and errors in a few areas Charles (the host) has gone over in a lot of the episodes, but it’s interesting to have it organized, spoken, and eloquently expressed by a guy that – in as much as I can tell – is a competent practitioner of his art. After listening to the first episode a while ago, I wrote a bit about that first show, my thoughts on some of the things he talked about… kind of a personal commentary I guess. All in all, having guys like him providing a commentary on mysticism, energy work, and esoteric practices reminds me of the weight and legitimacy a path can have in the eyes of others when it’s presented by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

There’s still going to be people that criticize, which is perfectly fine, but for me at least I prefer that if what I say is criticized, it’s not done from someone with their head up their ass. And that’s not to say if I’m shaken by someones view I’ll use the defense of, “well, your head’s up your ass and you don’t know what you’re talking about,” just that I generally appreciate a level of intellectual (and – ideally – spiritual or emotional) competence as a human being.

The Dissonance show (Nov. 20th) was titled (Im)Morality of the Moment. It was a pretty good show, and really I agree with a lot of the sentiments Khaos expressed. That the Sith Code doesn’t provide for morality is something I’m sure someone could debate about, but honestly if you’re talking about morality built through what “the logical, reasonable thing to do” is supposed to be, then no, it doesn’t account for it. I think I have a morality, if you want to go by the technical definition of a moral system, but it’s not conventional because the only person it applies to is me. I do what I do because of what I value on an emotive level… you could almost say on a primal, natural level. 

My values can kind of guide me in a way, and I try to be aware of what they are… but while there’s reason and a sort of craftsmanship involved in understanding and giving them form for myself, it’s a kind of morality that’s really built on being Who I Am, being true to myself. So in the Moment, what I do and what those (Im)moral moments tell me about myself… where these might shake someones system of values and morals, mine are open to the influence and (ideally) deliberately shaped by them.

Now where I’m at right now… well, I don’t think I’m going to cling to imagery, but if I were a songwriter working on an album, the title for the song of my life in the days shortly before and after I wrote Hugs & Kisses would be something like… A Knife and A Rose. For the meaning of the knife, think about the practical use of a kitchen knife, think about the psychotic, knife-wielding maniac chasing people through a creepy house on your tv screen, and think about the fun you could have throwing it at a poster or a tree, or whittling away on a piece of wood, or scraping it along the side of someone’s car. For what the rose means to that short period, and the attitude it might imply were I to hold it and offer it around to the people I passed by, read Luciana’s Short Story. The symbolic idea of holding a red rose as personal self-imagery for those few days was partially inspired by that story.

The books I snagged when I went to Santa Barbara a few weeks ago would normally have already been read cover to cover, but things have been pretty damn hectic. As it is, I breezed through The Jedi Path in the first day or two following the purchase. I ran into the trade edition, which doesn’t come with the book container/vault thingy or any of th little knick-knacks, but it was only twenty bucks; from the things I’d heard about it, and how cheap it was compared to the Collector’s Edition, I couldn’t pass it up. I started reading Revan a day or two after I finished the first book, but stopped at page 97 that same day and haven’t picked it up since then. I’ll definately be getting back to it asap though, I like it so far.

So that’s my aimless rambling for now.



  1. Hmm, you make me wonder now….. David thoughts rules and passions were the same, to which I expressed I didn’t and why on that show. Now you’ve used morals and values in a similiar sense and I can see the reason for that ( moral values obviously) but I wonder if they really are. An example being that I value the Sith code, but not for any inherent morality.

    Similiar to a kitchen knife. I see the value, in fact you’ve described many, but the morality? I suppose its a matter of which side of the knife your on in the moment, and what’s on the other end.

    Or the fact that I value my survival and relative freedom to a prison cell or some such consequence over doing something morally questionable.

    I could say my values guide me, that rings true( after all I valued that CD haha) but not morals. But that’s just me.

    Incidently, that show brought in the first feedback about my show from Lighties, . They wanted to tell me I was wrong. Haha.

  2. No, I don’t think there’s any inherent morality in the code either. Whatever morality might relate to it is Individual, and individually created. Honestly, I usually don’t bother with the term morality because my view is so far removed from what seems the prevalent, underlying meaning of it. So really, I don’t think we disagree, but looking at ‘true morality’ as an individual thing that’s shaped and that shifts and is build on the foundation of passion and feeling and values that hold emotional, personal weight, I can see how someone coming from that perspective could argue that there’s a sort of morality to it.

    lol So the Lighties decided to chime in finally… that’s kind of funny, actually. I’m shocked that no one’s challenged what I said about Jedi. Maybe I hit to close to the mark (either that, or not close enough, but if I had to guess I’d say the former).

    1. Haha, yeah, they chimed in finally. In all honesty the show you’ve influenced haw become a bit bigger, especially with some more recent conversations. So much ill be moving it up another two weeks, though this show on the adversary will hit on some of it.

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