A Knife and A Rose

One threatens your life,
The other threatening your pose.

Before I decide you need a little extra, a little more,
I’ll offer you a scent that’ll shake you to your core.

Beautiful blooms drawing you in,
Seducing your Reason to the consistency of mud,
I might plant it right into you,
Until the new blooms start to bud.

If that isn’t enough,
Or if I didn’t even try,

It’ll be one slice, two slice, three slice, four,
All said and done you might end up on the floor.

The sanctuary isn’t safe,
‘Cause I might sprinkle it with blood,
And I might stand there laughing
As you fall with a thud.

In one hand a Knife,
In the other a Rose.



  1. I suppose this is as good a place as any. I’m leaving the forums, permanently. I will be keeping a blog as well as continue to do a show if I say anything you feel worthy discussing, or the other way around, here, there, or Facebook will do fine I imagine.

    The reason I’m telling you this is not to bore you, but because I would like to recommend you and offer you leadership of the Dark Aspect of the F.A.

  2. I was about to head out the door after checking my e-mail, but I want to get back to you on this before I do.

    I accept the recommendation and the offer. I have to admit, I’m wondering where this decision came from and I’ve only listened to half of your show from earlier today so far, so I don’t know if the answers to the questions I’d ask will be there so if or when I ask them it’ll be after I’ve listened to the rest of it… but it is what it is… I’m assuming you’ll have to get in touch with Emma so she can switch me over to Group Leader of the Dark Council, the Dark Aspect Students, and the Dark Members usergroups… if and when you do that, can you let her know that I don’t want her making the announcment once she’s done it? I would like that to be left to me. (Edit: or to you, if you’d like to announce that you’re leaving).

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