Early Morning Hours

I really do like waking up early, I like the smell of a fresh cut lawn rising with the growing warmth of the sun, I like the upbeat, alert energy I have from a rare good night of sleep. I hardly ever get to sleep at a decent hour, I don’t often get up quite as early as I’d like, and when I do I feel drained (on these days a cup of coffee goes a long ways in waking my ass up).

Circumstances and my own desire have allowed for both a restful night and an early morning, which is something I want to capitalize on. There’s a theme in the post for some random reader to take from this. Be an oppurtunist. I mean sure, put in the effort to – in essence – generate those oppurtunities, but learn to watch for them and seize them too.

(Written November 30th, 2011)


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