Eclipse and a Prophecy

There was an eclipse at 4:45 AM this morning that I stayed up to watch. There are two things I can tell you about it: a) I froze my ass of, and b) it was pretty awesome to watch. As a person that resonates with Darkness, it was kind of nice to watch the light of the night get blotted out. Spiritually significant, I guess you could say.

If you’re familiar with Marilyn Manson’s work, you might know that the Antichrist Superstar era was at once very much in the Moment and a self-made prophecy about what the rock star would become. And if you’ve read the Legacy of the Force books centering around Jacen’s transformation into Darth Caedus, and his ascent in becoming a Lord of the Sith, you might recall the apparition of a non-existent Sith Lord in Luke Skywalkers prophetic dreams – the same Lord-to-be that manifested in Lumiya’s home, a manifestation of the dark nexus she resided in, given shape and form by her Vision for Jacen Solo’s future Lordship.

Take those into account, with an understanding of actively working with the unconscious mind in psychological and mystical practices, and you might understand the nature of the Dark Man of my inner world, and why he is becoming more real by the day.

What does all that have to do with the eclipse? Honestly, nothing more than that I am becoming what I shaped my destiny to make me… I’m in essence fulfilling my own personal little prophecy of Darkness, and the eclipse I watched occured at an interestingly fitting period considering what it means to me on a symbolic level.


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