A Dark Blurb

So, there’s a few things I’m going to link to every once in a while for no one in particular to check out. Most of it will be about changes, tweaks, and shifts in the structure of the DA, which I’m now the Head of. Why this matters? There might occasionally be something no one else at the FA gets to know unless they read this or unless they’re on the Dark Council. They might interest some random person stumbling onto this, or they might catch the attention of people I’m known to. Or, they may go completely ignored. Do what you like… I know I will.

The Dark Forums for training… the general populace of the FA can kiss their access to that goodbye. The tactic of showing all our cards and being uber transparent just hasn’t worked. And no, it’s not really because the former Head fell short, but because he was to fucking good. None of the other members can ‘one up’ the Darkies. I’m thinking in this area, and others, a resurgence of good old cliche mystique, secrecy, and subterfuge is in order. Every prospective student acted like a child, to young to handle what we gave them, so I’m taking it away.

The dissonance to that though… is that it’s going to be easy to gain access to the forums. All you’ve got to do is be a somewhat active member of the FA for two weeks or more and ask to be listed in the Student usergroup. The catch? If you’re a member of another aspect, any requests to join will be rejected unless you choose to openly affiliate yourself with the Dark Aspect during the time you participate in the training program.

What’s more, everything I tell you here may be a lie. If something changes, it changes, and I might just “forget” to say anything. Since I’m the one in charge, I might change my mind on something just for the hell of it. And I might not. I may submit a shitstorm of posts one day and post nothing the next. And I might burn you with my passion, or I might be so fucking nice you’ll dispute my resonance with the dark.

One last thing. There’s a twitter feed on the right side of this post. Do feel free to follow, I might tweet interesting shit every now and then. If you’re asking yourself where the links are that I talked about, they’re throughout this post and any future Dark Blurbs I might happen to write. That’s all for now.



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