Solus Sum in DS Healing (cont.)

Cont. from Solus Sum in Dark Side Healing.

There’s this question about… crutch-hood, I guess you could call it? How to get people to stand on their own to feet. The crutch enables them to keep leaning on something, to keep walking without finding the strength inside of themselves to take step after step. And that’s the way most people are sometimes… hell, that’s the way I am sometimes. Everybody likes to bitch about things, but they all want someone else to do something about it.

The people that do things… enable that laziness, but without the few willling to do something, can it be trusted that something will be done? I’ve found that no, more often than not nothing will get done. And I don’t mean just online communities or anything, though they’re certainly included in my stream of thought here. But in the association I live in, in the news reports on CNN, in the way my friends handle their day to day lives, in the way my Dad leeches off of me and the rest of the family; it’s everywhere.

Elitism is not invalid, the few that are great individuals are definately few. I don’t think that’s very easy to dispute. But in the stronger people, the people willing to get their hands dirty and do shit, how can they avoid carrying the weight, bearing the burden, and acting like a crutch to people that are lazier, less competent, less in touch with their hearts or their very real ability to make their desires an active and dynamic part of their world? I don’t know that it can be avoided.

So looking at it as inevitable for a moment, running with that assumption, how to get something out of it? Being the best of the worst doesn’t amount to shit… indulging people that are lazy and trying to guide them, to nudge them towards eventually walking on their own, manipulating them as in Dark Side Healing (which is really what we’re talking about here, I would dare to say), gradually allowing them to bear more and more of their own wieght… that seems the only viable route. It allows for the creators to have eventual contemporaries. I’ve said before that the best of us – yes, as Sith, but also simply as people – are self-driven, but still, expecting everybody to handle their own shit is flat out unrealistic. They will not do it.

Deified individuals like me don’t want servants, sycophants, kiss-asses, followers, etc. at least for myself, I want peers that will challenge me even as I challenge them. I think that with that desire comes possible responsibility to myself, to do what I can where I can to bring that about. Honestly, I’m not entirely decided on if that’s really how I feel about that, but it’s a starting point. Even if what it amounts to is dealing with immature spirits, children of the path, and actively nudging them to come into their own. Where current peers have fallen short, I think, is in being to strong and to intimidating and intolerant of niavety and newbie-ness right from the get-go.


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