Echoes of the Past

A few fragments of past discussions at the Force Academy.


“But looking at this aspect now I find myself wondering if all the flavours and colours of passion are embraced here?”

I think so, but the ones more commonly seen are those manifestations you named as being prominent, “fighting, anger, aggressive engagement”, at least in the forum because, in the given context these are the most beneficial manifestations. And of the mind, ever since I read a phrase on one of Kukai’s sites (forget which one), I have thought it best when passion marries reason. After all, what are we beyond animals without our precious intellect? And what are we but automatons without our passions?

(Written February 9th, 2010)


I’m curious of something that’s bothered me occasionally for years. Why is it that some of us that walk a dark path insist on belittling the concept of darkness? Simply the absence of light? Is that all it is, because to me it is much, much more. A blanket, to be shrugged off at some point? Another stab at it!

I wonder if anyone is familiar with a poem in the novel of “Star Wars: Episode III”, in which it is said that the dark is patient, because even stars die out in time.

(Written April 5th, 2010)


“So the question I ask is, do you think there is a difference and if so what in your opinion are the differences between a Darksider and a Sith?”

People’s opinions might give you food for thought, but this – at least to me – is a question of spirit, not intellect, and the answer should come from within. Nothing says you can’t share it for discussion afterward and allow it to evolve, to be forged, but I feel you ought to ask You first.

I could offer my opinion, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll offer a question for you to ask yourself. If you cannot discern a distinction for yourself, then why do you call yourself Sith? Your answer, I suspect, will either show you the distinction or you will not find one and ought not bother with claiming yourself a Sith.

I don’t know what you’ll answer, or if you’ll answer here, and I don’t really care either way. But ask yourself your own question along with mine… ask yourself, for the only worthwhile answer.

(Written October 22nd, 2010)


To me, the Dark is more vast than can be comprehended. It’s similar to the Force, in my mind, or rather, how Tao is refered to. The Tao that can be named is not the true Tao.

As for separating Light and Dark… I don’t know about that. I’ve come to see light as a transitory element of darkness, decieving when stepped into. I’m not arguing against it, even in the way that light is viewed as it pertains to my own life. But it’s a set back, a stage to be passed through. Often, many more times than once.

“So if Darkness isn’t something you actually have, like and want – I don’t see any reason to seek it out just because it’s some kind of mythical ultimate “truth”.”

I have it, I like it, I want it. But this is coming from an understanding that I am an individual, and therefore I am darkness. Of course, that’s a limiting perspective, if the individual (be it you, me, or joe smuckatelly) is seen as limited. But I think that, as you said, since energy and matter don’t dissappear, they just change form and state, the Individual, me, my chosen focus to look through, is infinite.

I don’t know if I’ve communicated what I want to… it’s not something easily articulated on an intellectual level for me, it’s more like something to be experienced, felt.

(Written August 18th, 2010)


I think I do need emotions and feelings so that I may live, personally. Otherwise, I would theorize that a sort of spiritual decadence would ensue, if not physical death. See, I reason that emotion is a manifestation of passion, something I have come to consider to be the ‘fuel’ of all life. Further, I think emotion is manifested, in most instances, as a way of overcoming impediments to my passion. I feel a lack of emotion would be evidence of me lacking passion, or – to put it more accurately – being out of touch with my passion. Existing in such a state, completely out of touch with my passion, my will to power, my innate desire to expand, is not something I see as desirable.

To reduce the above, I think ‘feeling’ is necessary to living, and if I want to live than naturally I would need to feel. My thoughts.

(Written June 22nd, 2010)


“I think that’s part of the reason why people try to set aside feelings and emotions throughout the process, especially when making judgments concerning future situations and past experiences, in order to control the situation better, and make a unbiased judgment on the current situation.”

But what exactly is the real problem here? You yourself seem to think it is that people in large part seem unable to properly deal with their feeling, and so they attempt to set them aside. That’s called avoidance on the basis of not being able to handle something.

Contrary to the popular solution, I think it smarter to learn how to deal with my emotions rather than run from them or, as some people like to word it, to “set them aside”. That’s how I choose to approach my emotions anyways.

(Written July 1st, 2010)



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