Middle Finger Technology

“What I got, I got for free.
Middle finger Technology.”
~Marilyn Manson, Snake Eyes and Sissies

Khaos’s comment on my facebook wall a while back inspired a cascade of memories… most of them being a string of associations with Marilyn Manson and middle fingers. I doubt you’d believe how hard it is to find decent pictures of Manson flipping the crowd off, but that’s mainly why I haven’t included any pics (if I hadn’t gone through like twenty pages of search results – per search term – there’d be a stream of ’em here). Instead, you’ll have to settle for a little bit of my opinion, all by its lonesome…

“The internet is your last middle finger, don’t let them break it.”
-Marilyn Manson

That’s a pretty interesting comment, if you think about it. It’s one of the few things I think M. Manson is just flat out wrong about. You want a revolution, you aren’t going to get it by sitting at a computer monitor. It’s a good place to enable action, to spread awareness of whatever it is you might want people to be more aware of… but I’ll bet a lot of people use it the same way a lot of neophytes and newbies approach magick for the first time. They go online to a surrogate reality with their surrogate identity, creating a divide between “internet” reality and “real” reality, and that’s silly, in my opinion.

(Written November 2nd, 2011)



  1. “The internet is your last middle finger, don’t let them break it.”
    -Marilyn Manson

    This is the only context I have and maybe you know more about this quote, but to me, he’s saying something completely different. I feel like it’s more of a commentary on censorship. I’d like to do whatever the hell I want with my own finger and I believe M.M. feels the same way. As for your comment about “surrogate identities” aren’t you doing exactly that, Darth Draconis?
    I know I am. Granted it’s for a career, but still the same principle.

  2. If you’ve got more to say, feel free to… it’s hard to find people that have intelligent things to say and the willingness to say them. lol, I actually think I wrote a post about that a ways back to. But yeah, further comments, responses, etc. are more than welcome…

    No, I don’t feel my spiritual name (Draconis) and online identity is an escape or replacement for my life. I can’t claim it’s not in some way seperate, I mean it’s not like I’ll give you my legal/birth name and address or anything, at least not currently, but overall I actively make a point of being myself and this ‘online identity’ is just an extension of me. If you watched the surrogate movie, Bruce Willis’s character used a surrogate that looked younger but basically the same as his real self. I’d like to think I’m trying to express me as I am in as much as I can without giving out my identity (name/photo/address) to the anonymous millions on the internet though.

    The quote, actually, knowing him you’re probably right, it probably was about censorship, but Idk, it doesn’t do any good to go uncensored if you don’t actually do anything with the raw, true facts your allowed to have. That’s kind of what I was getting at =) .

    1. I actually have seen Surrogates, and liked it more than I expected. I understand what you mean about “‘online identity’ is just an extension of me.” There are different degrees of “fakeness,” if you will. I don’t think that term is relevant to us, considering we are who we are, in all but name–assuming I trust that you are telling me the truth (I do, lol).
      But I think the whole point of censorship is to share knowledge and let the individual decide for themselves if they are willing to do anything about it. I’d rather know something and do nothing, than be entirely ignorant of it. And I suppose there are different levels of action to take. Would you consider giving lip service on my blog about the injustice of animal testing to be “doing something”? Even though, it is only spreading the knowledge and hoping someone else will take up the torch and “do something” about it? I believe it is. It’s the whole point of spreading knowledge. That is what the internet is about–even if that blog languished in anonymity, collecting virtual dust.
      I feel like I took a big load of tangent all over this comment and I can’t even remember what my initial reaction to you comment was—but I assure you, it was excellent 😛

      1. Ah, I think I see what you mean… I didn’t mean to imply we should worry about censorship or being able to use the interent as a middle finger; I meant to point more towards the over-valuation the statement implies for the internet. It’s not the last middle finger we have, and it’s limited.

        And I do have to agree to a point about the speading certain things, even if what they end up just collecting dust. That’s a small reason for this blog, and a bigger underlying reason for the Facebook page & profile. Like I said with my very first tweet a few months ago, “littering the internet with this and that”. So definately a good point.

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