Some Never See

If you look at the amount of people who have come and gone versus the ones that decide they’re here to stay as members of the online forums alone, there’s many, many more in the former category.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to get what I can out of discussions with the ones that are, ultimately, only passing through. But still, so many path-hoppers over the years, so many that’ve come and gone… it’s something that baffles me even more than the virtually silent new kids. To become so involved and to put so much in only to leave it all behind… did they every really, truly care? Well, probably… but they also stopped caring, somewhere along the line.

I don’t know… I can’t help but feel like there are so few like me, so few that are sincerely Sith to the core… Here’s a thought on one thing that might be a distinction between a “Knight” and a “Lord”: Vision, fueled and shaped by a passion for the development, experimentation, and elevation of this Way of Life.

The ones that get to a point where they’re recognized as Knights are still blind most of the time. And that blindness, that lack of vision, maybe that’s a part of why they stop communicating and never advance beyond Knighthood. They might attain a sort of Lordship of themselves in a sense, but not of the Sith Way, not in my opinion.

That’s really a significant part of what it means to have, believe in, and live by such grandiose titles as the ones we use. It’s someone that’s a Lord of the Way, that has the Sight and the Voice, and the Will to realize it. Not a leader of men and women… because if any student of the path is looking for one, they need to look in the fucking mirror. If they can’t find one in that reflection, they need to rethink their affiliation with Darkness.

(Written December 12th, 2011)


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