The Enabler

(A dramatized, imaginary, partly real character; no reason…)

The enabler formed as any other creature of imagination does, in the womb of the mind, and in flow of nutrients and blood. Given a framework to grow into, and empowered by the relentless pumping of its creators heart, it wasn’t long before a birth took place and a name was claimed.

Mammon“Mammon,” he said, “my name is Mammon Mneumonic.” Unlike the infants of our world, this creature of the inner world formed into something resembling a full grown man. What’s more, his purpose was never in doubt… “I am the one that will be there for people to take from, if they can, I am the one who will tempt them to do it, I am the one who will mock them, and I am the one who will make them earn what they take.” Yes, this being new what he was, he knew why he was, and he set out to spread the potential for infection. You understand of course, he was an elitist by nature, willing to make things easy to see for those that might be worthy, and sometimes he cared enough to dangle them in front of those who would take it.

But those who would not take it were not to be ignored, they were to be prodded, mocked, and manipulated into getting stronger. With them… with them he hoped that, in time, they would become strong enough to take from him, and he from them.

Some whispered that he held the hands of those he claimed beneath him, and truthfully, he did. He engaged in spoonfeeding, he let people use him as a crutch, he shaped the reality of the world and the path for those who would gladly, lazily, allow him to.

Why would a so-called elitist do this for people? I asked him this once, and he replied, “The one who becomes a crutch is gifted with the option, and the eventual responsibility, of knocking said crutch out from underneath those who use it. I am not as kind as others might see or portray me. I am not the babysitter for the weak. I am the Enabler, and I will do what I must to enable the weak to make themselves strong. Even if I contradict myself in doing so, my Will be done. It could be said, dear inquisitor, that I am indeed nothing more than a dramatized healer.”

“It wasn’t always like this, you know,” Mammon said, “I emerged fully grown, it’s true, but since that time I have been evolving. Even now, my outlooks and my methods are shifting. Imperceptible to the onlooker perhaps, but I have, am, and will continue to Become.” This puzzled me, because the changes he seemed to allude to usually implies old methods are left behind. When I questioned him on this though, he simply said, “I hardly discard the know-how and the exercises of power that are effective, and though my earlier views and methods are crude, they can be effective.”

He has evolved since his emergence… after his beginnings, he made no move to prod others. Rather, he made his Way of Life more accessible, so that those looking wouldn’t end their search empty handed. That’s less than what is needed though, and so he rises and grows stronger… exploring different avenues of enablement.


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