A Few Fragments…

(What follows are a few one-liners, phrases, and – though calling them this is debatable I guess – aphorisms. And stuff (i.e. a quote here and there).)


The people who aren’t looking to empower themselves, don’t deserve to be empowered.


If there is a Want, there is a Way.


To listen to my heart and simply follow it. That is, were I to reduce it to a lone sentence, my Way of Life in a nutshell.


“…whatever you’re building, if you’re making something and putting it into the world, that to me is spirituality.” ~Marilyn Manson


I don’t know about a ‘good’ life, but there’s what I’d call a passionate life…


“Don’t just empty your cup, smash it on the fucking ground.” ~Khaos


Progressing as an Individual shouldn’t be something to “squeeze in” to your tight schedule, it should be what the schedule’s built around.


Success is measurable, visible, followed by a sense of progression and even momentum.


I think the best of us, formally trained in a certain way or not, are self-driven.


“If he stumbles and falls then he lands prepared to rise again.” ~Cole


(There might be more of these sometime in the future…)


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