Trivial Tidbits

Again I’m immersed in the affairs of both the FA and OotS. I guess it’s been inevitable. In the face of that, I think it’s high time for a few tidbits of a more trivial nature…

First off, I finished reading Revan. (Possible spoiler warning, I’m just writing what I write and I might give away a little hereand there.) All in all, I thought the book was fucking awesome. I do cheat most of the time and read through wookiepedia, the online Star Wars wiki, before I get the actual books, and because of that I thought the events of the novel were going to ruin Revan’s place as one of the most powerful bad-asses of the mythos. I got that impression from the brief explanation provided on the wiki I mentioned, which was basically just a little blip about the Sith Emperor dominating Revan and Malak, making them little more than puppets of his will. There turned out to be a little more to it than that, so even though it did take away some small amount of awesomeness the character possessed before the book came out, Karpyshyn did a pretty decent job of not demeaning Revan to much.

There’s been a new quote bouncing around the ‘net (mostly in peoples signatures on the forums I frequent) attributed to Darth Plagueis, so I thought I might get a bit of insight as to the context of it from the excerpt of the upcoming novel (included at the very back of the ‘Revan’ book). No such luck though. So it’s either a crock, or it came from The Tenebrous Way (a story I won’t get to be privy to since I don’t buy issues of Star Wars Insider) or from some other source I don’t know about.

In case nobody noticed, there’s a few links hidden in my last post (entitled A Few Fragments…). For whoever that might interest.


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