A Dark Blurb

I haven’t gotten around to posting about this yet, so: the Dark Aspect of the FA is now on Facebook, courtesy of the new head of Aspect (which would be me). For any potential students or members out there that might bump into this, the current training offered in the hidden forums is pretty Sith-specific. It’s still available to those that ask for access in the welcome thread or through PM. Hopefully, the diversity of darkness will come to be better reflected in the training offered though. There are already a few things in the works. Don’t hold your breath for it or anything, but yeah…

The Open Training is under way again to, which I’ll be writing at least one piece for – it might make use of exercises already available. Another possible contribution might actually come from the Light Aspect, and (if so) will be an exception to the general rule of not using something that’s already been posted where everyone can see and use it. People probably won’t know it’s been posted before anyways, it doesn’t seem to take that much time for most people to forget a thing like that. I just need to ask the author about it, which is why I say it “might” be a contribution… but you never know, she might not want it to be used. We’ll see.

Here’s a tidbit I wrote regarding the OTP, “Anyone that comes across it is welcome and encouraged to try it out, regardless of membership of aspect affiliation.” And a snipet from the first presented exercise (OTP: Cut-ups) by Richard Irvine, “”What I want to write about here are machines for upsetting order. Starting with a simple game with bits of paper…”. And it really is both simple and… profound, I guess you could say. Mine probably isn’t going to be like his at all.

That’s all for now. Enjoy.


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