Some Current Affairs

There’s a few things to do at the FA, whenever Colin manages to get the site back up. One is to get in touch with Emma to set up forums for the hidden Dark forums (most of which are devoted to training).

At the Order of the Sith there are a few things going on unseen. One thing I’m probably going to be getting around to a bit more is the gradual tweaks being made to the Resource, including transference of Miles contributions from the forum. There is also, as of tonight, a new adminstrator and Lady of the Sith that will be one of three active admins: Luciana.

And since I brought her name up there’s also a project she’s been working on; a book of shadows, of sorts, on magick of her own kind… it seems to be coming along pretty well so far. I’d personally recommend checking out Sith Magick if mysticism or Sith realism interest you at all.

Dissonance has been on hold since the last show was skipped (which, if memory serves, was due to technical difficulties). Now that Knights of Awakening has moved from Blog Talk Radio to a new platform to do their shows with, the show and its host – Khaos – will be back soon. In fact, if I’m not mistaken next it will probably be on this upcoming Sunday(?). 

I’m not sure how the new format will work out as far as downloading episodes – although I think Justin  said that listeners would still be able to – but it can be listened to live, and I think Justin (a co-host of KoA) said that listeners would still be able to. I haven’t been able to yet, but that might just be because they’re still kind of in the middle of the transition from BTR to the new set-up.


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