Obscure Sound Makers

The amount of decent music just floating around produced by unknown artists and available for free (if not to download, then usually to listen to) is awesome sometimes. Nietzsche Grey was probably the first “band” I stumbled onto which, as far as I can tell, is a one man band. Then there’s this guy by the name of John Lucey Ferrell that’s pretty interesting. I don’t think either of them have their sounds available for download, but the former has just over a dozen songs on ReverbNation along with a YouTube channel that has a number of songs (some complete, others not yet finished). The latter, Ferrell, has a few on YouTube to, the number of which is steadily rising.

Nietzsche Grey :: YouTube | ReverbNation
John Lucey Ferrell :: YouTube

Of course, I’m sure not everyone would agree that it’s good music. But I don’t care; I like it. There’s a few more, but I don’t really feel like writing a more extensive list of ’em right now. Maybe later (or, maybe not at all :p ).


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