Occasionally Lost

I know there’ve been large periods of time within the online realist communities in which fiction was scoffed at, but I’ve always stood by it as a source for inspiration. In fact, in times that I feel lost, I look back to the stories, to what sparked the fire of my path.

“Wealth and material goods mean nothing to me. I crave only power and purpose. With power, anything you want or need can simply be taken. With purpose, your life has meaning.”
~Darth Cognus

I’ve liked these words since the first time I read them in Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil. For me, money really doesn’t mean much, and while I’m attached to my material possessions and would be saddened to lose them, it would hardly cause an identity crisis. The idea of career as merely a materialistic, corporeal thing though, or the material aspects of owning things, they don’t motivate or entice me, they seem like empty things. There has to be something more than just that: Purpose and, perhaps, power; but forged through my own innate passion. I’ll explain that…

With purpose… I don’t believe in some purpose I have that’s set out before me by a higher power, waiting to be found. It’s a thing each individual forges, or that someone else creates and gives to those that can’t – or won’t – forge their own. Otherwise it’s absent from a persons life.

In my own life sometimes I feel as though I have purpose, and sometimes I don’t. When I don’t, I look for inspiration, for something that resonates, something I feel – emotively – worth putting effort into. In short, something that stirs my passion. And I make something of it, forging.

Misc. stream of thought.


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