Reading through some of the blogs other people write in, I’ve noticed that many are serious, talented writers. I see stories, word limit challenges, comprehensive reviews, quirky (awesome) posts… and other things of that sort. Then I think of this one, the one I’m writing in right now, and it’s hard not to smile. It feels good to know that people read what I write every now and then, and it’s nice when people take the time to comment and share their opinions (and criticisms). But as far as purpose and focus… I don’t know that this is really the blog you’re looking for. Not right now anyhow.

I’m not going to deny that this side project is, in part, an effort to expand on the general awareness of Sith Realism; after all, whatever I happen to write is inextricably linked to the Sith… I’m not a blogger that happens to be one, I’m a Sith that happens to be using a blog as a playground for his thoughts. I mean, just look at what you’re reading: here again, I’ve managed to worm “Sith” into another post. However, like I’ve just said, this is a playground for me and it’s not a ‘direct’ result of my intention to further my Way of Life as something other people might find value in. It’s a pointedly unstructured outlet for my passion to write, even if I may not be that far above average in how I convey myself through the written word.

All that having been said, I have a certain respect for some of the authors I’ve come across. Some have been through their comments on my own posts here, and others have been through web searches or other means. Where I am using this as a casual dumping ground for whatever I feel like from my heart and mind, other people are using their blogs with a more deliberate intention, or – at the very least – more focus and effort. Maybe I’ll link to a few some time.


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