Fourth Movement?

The following is a piece written by Richard Irvine…

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”-C.G. Jung

First movement: Purity
The people of light are invited to call to mind images that evoke purity.

Second movement: The slaughter
That which was imagined as pure is desecrated and slaughtered. The people of light experience shock at the attack upon purity.

Third movement: Decomposition
Shock turns to digust as the people of light are forced to consider the rotting flesh of that which has been slaughtered, and have their noses rubbed in images of decomposition. This is the moment of nigredo, as we are confronted with the horror and despair of darkness and the grave. The smell of rotting flesh.

Fourth movement: The sun rises at midnight
In darkness, light. Confusion and disgust reign, and there is a sense of disturbance. But we are forced to reflect. And as the eyes become accustomed to the darkness, new shapes and forms emerge. A man of peace washes away the tension with laughter. We become able to laugh at that which is rotting – not a laugh of distraction, or an attempt to pretend that it will not happen. But a laugh of hope, a realisation that even in that which is most disgusting, there is a capacity for beauty. This is the moment of albedo. Snow falls on the shallow grave.

Fifth movement: Ascendance
Realisation, learning, the strength of will to move on. This is the moment of Rubedo. The body is dug up and burned in the purifying fire, the ashes to be placed on the faces of the lovers as a mark of transformation.
~Purity and Danger, written by Richard Irvine

There’s only been one response where it was originally posted, so it’s arguably been a bit under-appreciated. *shrugs* I like it, mostly.

I like how this applies to the endless discussions on conflict that have been going on, off and on, for months and months lately as a hot topic; I’d say that, generally speaking and specifically talking about the discussions that have revolved around vulgar displays conflict (common words of said discussion often being: bashing, conflict, argument, ad hominem attack, pissing contest, gold covered shitcakes, etc.), the FA seems caught up in the fourth movement.

Of course, now that I’ve said that, everyone will probably want to pretend they’re totally over it and have long since moved on. Some are, but there are plenty of others that probably aren’t.


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