A Dark Blurb

So it’s been almost a month of nothing done… there were a few discussions I thought were worthwhile, but pretty big chunks of them were lost when the site (repeatedly) went down. I hadn’t posted much eiher, which a) gives people one opening – of a few – for criticizing me and b) gave me an idea of where the community is at in just how acceptable people find the status quo to be.

There’s a cost to having done this in that the energy from my elevation and the recent Knightings has faded a bit, but there’s an angle to it that involves what I’ve come to call Solus Sum in Dark Side Healing, which has become something of an active project for now, albeit a strictly private one, a very small part of which relates to the FA.

Part of this particular little blurb is a continuation of Shark Tank Mentality. In that post, I mentioned at the very beginning that when understanding the dyamics of the mentality, it’s applications, costs, value, and shortcomings, there are a number of angles to it. One of those angles is that the mentality is a sort of community contraction where the strong remain, and something a few people seem unable to see is that there’s nothing wrong with that, but neither is all there is. It’s a part of a cycle.

Regarding my vision, there’s a very important part of it that should be obvious by now: the enablement and facilitation for individuals to follow through on their visions, and the enablement of a… ‘lower class’, so to speak, for the long-term benefit of the DA and the individuals that may eventually find themselves in another state of contraction; or, if you prefer, another instance of a shark tank like enviroment.

That’s all I feel like saying for now, but there will be more. Things have been quiet, but they may not remain that way. And, as I’ve said before, take nothing I’ve said here as definitive. How to act on my intentions, and even the intentions themselves, are always in danger of being swept away on a whim should I feel like it.


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