A Cycle Onwards

I just got through watching a show about the history of shock rock. The ending was… validating, I guess. At the end, going through most of the important interviews in quick succession with the question of whether you can still shock audiences; Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and one or two others all said pretty much the same thing: short of chopping an arm off and eating it, commiting suicide on stage, or publicly slitting throats and executing people, you can’t really shock people like that anymore.

This, the state of my country, the progression of things going on in my neighborhood, the directions and tendencies of the FA as a whole (not just the Dark Aspect), and hell… in the long run, probably my own life… all of these have me looking forward to Khaos’s next Dissonance show (Feb. 5th | Show Title: Khaos Theory: Embracing Entropy, Igniting Passion). Personally, I’ve long regarded these progressions as cycles. I mean hell, if you ask me the 2nd amendment was put in place in anticipation of the end of the cycle that begun when we broke away from England. Birth, death, rebirth, etc.


One comment

  1. Haha, that’s the same thing that I said on my show on the Adversary. What more would I habecto do to get a reaction from people. I came to the same conclusion, something pretty freaking extreme.

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