The New Myspace

Random rambling about a social networking site…

Facebook has this new thing called a Timeline, an updated format that I’m sure they’ll end up forcing everyone to adopt at some point. I say that because way back when I signed up for a profile under my legal name there was a different layout than the current one and there was a little box asking if I wanted to upgrade. I declined, but a few weeks later the layout of my profile changed anyways. *shrugs*

All well and fine I guess, but the new layout just seems like a slightly updated version of myspace, one that loads a little faster and says Facebook at the top of the page. I realize some people like it and that’s fine, they can have the option, but I don’t want it. If it has a better feel to you then I say go for it. Personally though, for my own profile and usage of said profile, I like the current format a lot more. I find myself hoping facebook will become a virtual ghost town – like myspace seems to be – if they do indeed force the change.


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