Esoteric Distractions

I remember writing something about this quite a long time ago in my first holocron at the Order. About how the pursuit of abilities or skills in energy manipulation are usually a distraction and shouldn’t be a primary concern in studying, training, and forging ones own path. An entry in Opie’s Becoming a Jedi reminded me of it. To some degree I still feel that way and consequently agree with what Opie was saying in his journal (or holocron, or whatever it might appropriately be called).

However, I have to say that esoteric practices relating to a sense and active use of the Force (as I call it) have always been an interest of mine. It’s one that waxes and wanes, I’ll grant, but over the years it’s been something that has intrigued me in one way or another. And there are so many things that are all connected and all fall under the blanket terms people use that I don’t find it surprising that I return to it in whatever different form happens to catch my attention at a given time.

One thing that even other dark pathwalkers have brought up before is a few simple but possibly devastating questions for people that take an interest and believe in these things, be it in magick, psionics, reiki, astral projection, etc.: to what end, what purpose does it serve, why are you after such abilities, and how practical would such skills be even if they were possible to some degree? Why use the Force?

Part of it, especially with younger people – or at least those new to and unfamiliar with such things – is to feel special, which often amounts to feeding delusions of granduer, stupidity, or both (I’d use the word “ego”, but I hate using that word, it’s psycho-babble-bullshit and part of a flawed paradigm in my opinion). Personally though, I don’t really think that’s a bad thing. At least as far as being an ealier stage in someone’s progression; my opinion of someone doing this changes if they never grow out of it.

As far as practical application… let’s assume for a moment that you developed a small but definite ability to move one of those spinning wheels or a candle flame telekineticly. What then, what good does that do? So you can make a candle flicker. Big fucking deal, right? Not really, at least not if the ability or skill itself is the purpose behind pursuing and cultivating it. And it’s probably not that different if we imagine for a moment that, if trained, you could eventually pick up a car with the power of your mind or throw lighting from your fingertips. Let’s say you could. Again, so what? What are you going to do with it? What purpose would it serve?

The way I look at it, it’s most likely a useless pursuit if all you’re doing is trying to gain super powers to feel better about yourself, or to feel special. In all likelihood, it’s just a nifty way to escape from personal insecurities or shortcomings in other areas (i.e. not being able to otherwise deal with teasing or pranks at school, or assholes at work or, really, the world at large).

It could, on the other hand, be a genuine spiritual pursuit for more… realistic or legitimate reasons. *shrugs* In the end… not only do I feel it’s worthwhile either way, I’d fucking encourage a little research and experimentation. It’s called firsthand experience, and it’s worth having in most things in my opinion. If you think uber cool powers would make your world a better place, go ahead and have at it, and pay attention to what it accomplishes. I’d say whether for ‘good’ or ‘ill’, it’s worth learning for yourself.


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